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Inspired by her "True Love"

Miriam Padilla, President and CEO of “M” Travel, began her travel career in 1992.  She completed a Travel and Tourism certificate program at Brooklyn College and after completion began an internship with a local travel agency.

Before long she began to organize and lead groups on tours to a variety of destinations.  Her first tour was to a destination that she had only dreamed of – Egypt. After this “wonder of the world”, exotic destinations became her  “true love.”

In 2006 Miriam was ready to go to the next level and opened ”M” Travel. Joining her in her travel quest was a support system of independent contractors.  She has all of the know-how to organize groups and has successfully escorted groups to a variety of destinations including Egypt, South Africa, Dubai, Morocco, Brazil and Turkey.

Shortly thereafter cruising became her passion so she joined Cruise Line International Association [CLIA] where she attended, and participated, in several cruise courses becoming a certified Elite Cruise Counselor [ECC].  Cruising allowed her to organize groups that visited ports such as Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Sharm el-Sheikh, Australia, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, New Zealand and Alaska to name a few.

Our accreditations include the Air Transport Association [IATA], International Airlines Travel Agent Network [IATAN], and Cruise Line International Association [CLIA] as an Elite Cruise Counselor [ECC] as well as memberships in Travel Professionals of Color [TPOC] as a Board member, current Vice President of the NYC Chapter and former president of the NYC Chapter; and member and former Secretary of Travel Agents of Brooklyn and Staten Island [TABS].  

We are Hyatt, Marriott, Princess Cruise, Disney, Universal Studios Florida, the Bahamas and Hawaii specialists, licensed to sell travel insurance as well as a Notary Public. We are a certified accessible travel advocate and certified as an autistic agent with Royal Caribbean International [cruises].

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Kenya, Africa

The gentle giant - the giraffe!
They roam around freely seemingly without a care. With graceful, long strides they are beautiful to watch.  Thankful that I had the opportunity to feed these animals in a sanctuary. 

There is no other way to describe these animals in my eyes except pure beauty.
The British Isles Dover


The British Isles Dover


The British Isles Dover

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